Today, I am beginning a new stop-motion clay animation. I'll save the name for a later post, in the new year.

On 12/31/2022, I was shooting a story on our crow population in downtown Rochester, Minnesota. Just like everyone, I waved goodbye to 2022 and stepped into 2023.

This year, on the last day of the year I’m starting work on a new animation. My love for storytelling began almost 50 years ago with "Davey and Goliath," inspiring me to dream up stories that my Super 8mm camera couldn't capture. I had faith in myself and my stories.

Today, I'm introducing my characters on stage, just as the "black crows" in twilight hinted at what was to come. After all these years, it's time to set free the keepers of their story.

Today, I'll be right at the front as I watch them lift into the dusk, onward, towards the light. Yesterday, movers brought over an extra large animation table for filming a new religious animation series (title withheld), one frame at a time.

Flop or fly, we have a plan: we'll be filming a journey, capturing every second.

I’m using some of my footage from my news feature last year. The black crows are featured in the opening scene.

I’m trusting God entirely on this move into this new project. To be at His service, even laying down things I wanted to do this next year so I can accomplish this new work.

I feel that this film and others in my thoughts, are my "soul" purpose this next year. I'll still work on my stories, but now I'll make them into storyboards and scripts. I plan on painting, building sets, growing better with my skills in clay animation (I've made three shorts).
In 2024, I plan to continue illustrating my books, writing new stories, creating comics, columns, radio shows, working in my bookstore, and sharing my knowledge as an expert bald eagle documentarian. It took me decades and a flock of crows to realize what God was showing me all along.  How to see how all the branches of my lifetime work is now, coming together for this new religious film series lifting into flight.

In 2024, I’m going to live like that girl who grew up with big dreams while growing up in Rochester, Minnesota. I might even be the first women to lead an animation studio in Rochester.
Today, I feel like a woman awaiting her flock. One those crows I met last year, may find others and tell them (they talk you know) to come here to create films that will lift others facing life-changing health concerns, in med-city, our city of hope and angels.

This is my new clothing line to help with the animation expenses. https://lnkd.in/g2-wYe9u (I have shorter domains too). The films are being created under Lisa Loucks-Christenson Films and Carpie Animation Studios.™
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