The Lisa Loucks Christenson Natural History Collection

White Wolf Creek™ 

White Wolf Creek™️ publishes the nature art and wildlife documentaries by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. The Lisa Loucks Christenson wildlife collection is on display at her bookstore and art gallery White Wolf Creek™ 


The Lisa Loucks Christenson Natural History Collection has been recorded by Lisa over the course of the past 30 years in Wisconsin and 40+ years in Minnesota; both are Lisa's ongoing projects. The art on the Peacock Books & Wildlife Art walls are scenes from Lisa's outdoor beats in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and covers the: flora and fauna, rustic roads, agriculture, scenics, history; lifestyles, cities, villages; events and culture.

In the art bins, card racks, and book shelves you'll find Lisa's photographs, sketchbooks, art books, wildlife art, cards and greeting cards, documentaries.

Inside the store you'll find a few of Lisa's ongoing exhibits of her documentaries and art from her award-winning books and series. 


ªLisa painted the wolf painting for her logo. It's not for sale because it's her logo for her White Wolf Creek™ brand. 

Foreign Translation Rights, Movie Rights, Book Clubs: 

Contact Lisa directly for her rights catalog.

You can use the contact form below,  leave a message at: (800) 928-2372, or email:

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art solely represents the art of Lisa Loucks-Christenson and some of her family's works, it does not represent other artists.

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art carries a rotating selection of new and old books, Lisa's books, art books, personalized books, and titles, new and used, curated in-house by Lisa for sale in her store.


Lisa Loucks-Christenson