Blue Brick, Red Brick: A Shadow in the Law of Reflection | STORY PREVIEW EDITION

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This Story Preview Edition is the first two chapters. A preview of the full story. This is not the full story. This is an ongoing series, sold in installments through Glass Slipper Serials™.


Series: EARN THE BADGE Series

Author: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher: Snowy River Press™

#1 Bestseller 



God's timing is always perfect. Jonas Grayweather is about to get a promotion––one that will change his life and those living around him, even the presumed dead––forever.

When Cat Sellers attempts to spread her fake news in an attempt to force the police chief, Jonas Grayweather, out of his job she gets something she didn't see coming: a temporary change of shifts––on night duty.

Cat discovers her little indiscretion may have caused an untimely detour in her plans, but she intends to use her night prowling skills in a way no one expected by joining forces with Lucas Hemandez––a police officer as untrustworthy as her latest husband.

When Jonas's spirit-filled vacation comes to a end, early, he returns to work at the police station but finds its corridors filled with reporters for a press conference––one that he's the topic of.

If that weren't enough, he notices someone the Cat dragged in: Stelly Sailors––the most unscrupulous reporter in town, Cat's cohort from the Woman's Choir and ex-member of his church. Stella used to show her love for Jesus, but when she gave up carrying her cross: she ran right for a microphone with Cat in tail.  Cat and Stelly are about to find out they aren't the only ones with "time-sensitive" information to share during the ten o'clock news.

Can Jonas find the courage to speak up and share what seems impossible when some unexpected but timely angelic intervention arrives?

Jonas may never fully understood the truths behind there being a season for everything, but from his new enlightened perspective, he's convinced that now is the time and season and if no one needs a Christmas miracle more than Cat.

With all camera's pointed on him, Jonas is forced to stand on his faith and cast away his fears to deliver a story his Father taught him about blue and red bricks.

Can Jonas convince Cat to trust Jesus before selling out her soul––to the lofty, handsome Lucas, the rogue devil-in-disguise cop that's only using her––to position himself into Jonas's job?


Lisa Loucks Christenson's New FAITH COPS Series: THE BLUE CODE OF SILENCE™

A book series about faith and cops, law enforcement, and their lives. A series about something others don't see: their personal lives, their stories from the field, the moments where everything they know is tested, their faith and lives are changed.  


These stories are works of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, and unintentional.  

Why did I write these books? 

I write what I feel inspired to write. Some of my works are children's books, inspirational, suspense, thrillers, mysteries, wildlife documentaries. I combine these into environmental stories, faith stories, and stories that I'm aware of.  I choose my stories the same way I take wildlife photos. I find something interesting, take a few pictures, and makes some notes for a future story.


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