Pickled Eggs

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Pickled Eggs, Volume 2
ISBN 1-59819-002-4 
Angels, Sam & Mercy Series

Written & Illlustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson
Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

When a down on his luck farmer takes in an egg-laying chicken--his life changes in ways he could never have dreamt.

". . . OK, you want an example? Just take for example an ole empty jar that someone tosses out from their car window. They didn't need it no more so they just threw it out like garbage." 
   Thaddeus paused and he looked at the ground and continued, "They'd already eaten what it held inside so it just sits there," He shook his head raising his tone, "You can almost hear it crying out, "Look at me . . . can't you use me?" 
    The farmer looked at him but said nothing. Thaddeus lowered his voice to a whisper he said, "But people ain't interested in an ole empty jar." Thaddeus butted his elbow into farmers' arm adding, "You know they isn't."
  The old farmer looked down at the ditch where he found his jar.  He starred at the ground for a long time but didn't speak. After a few moments passed he nodded and looked up to Thaddeus, his eyes opened wider––for everything he'd been through now made sense. He looked up and met a mirroring stare from Thaddeus, a man that had been waiting to give - all along.
  Neither man spoke. The farmer wiped his eyes because he understood what Thaddeus had given him, asking nothing for his gift.

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