Sister to Brother: 31 Day's of Outdoor Faith

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Title: Sister to Brother: 31 Day's of Outdoor Faith

Publisher: Old Country Cross Christian Publishing Group™

Author: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Photographer: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Publication Date: April 9, 2020 

Sister to Brother: 31 Days of Outdoor Faith is an inspirational journey shared between Lisa Loucks-Christenson, a wildlife photographer, and her brother, Brian.

Walking along her outdoor beat, covering her bald eagle documentary during the winter of 2013, Lisa discovers something the winds carved in the winter wonderland of the Whitewater Valley. A snow-man of sorts, one not only shaped like a man, but one that also resembled her recently departed grandfathers' image and on his back, two snow-formed angel wings. Lisa shot a photo of the angel shaped snow-man and sent the picture to Brian.

What follows is a brief chapter in the bond between siblings, and perhaps, a little entertaining of at least one snow angel, during this healing period in their lives.

Life is a journey of memories; these are some of ours.

Religious, Christian, Non-fiction, outdoors documentary, devotional

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