Somewhere Over Our Rainbows

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An Inspirational Novel By Lisa Loucks-Christenson


A family travels cross-country to honor their sisters' wishes to spread her ashes

at two locations, and a series of troubles follows their adventures. Luck hands them another challenge when they pickup a hitchhiker, a spirited woman with a small dog. No one can deny their traveler bears an uncanny resemblance to their deceased sister, that, and her dog in tote, is a dead-ringer for their mom's recently departed Yorkie––the very dog who was their sisters' before she died.

When an untimely detour reroutes their itinerary, tragedy strikes, and their promise to honor their sister's last request appears to be their last voyage too.

  Though a seasoned Captain is supposed to be able to  handle all things, their journey to the legal distance from shore -- is already way off course.

Can this apparently, wayward captain teach His crew a few things He's learned over the years about the human spirit and their unbreakable faith that comes from being tossed around at sea? Will he, with a little help of angels, help repair their unshakeable bond, one that transcends their every thought about angels and the miles they will go to help pull a family through every storm, and land them to wherever their rainbows lead.  

Publisher: Entree Books™

Imprint: Snowy River Books™

Written & Illustrated by: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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Release: Summer 2020


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