Walking with Vampires, Episode 1

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Episode 1

J.H. Kingsley

Lauren Ford, now in her senior year of high school at Oakland High is excited to enjoy her final days of high school. With her friends Sammie and Jessica, they plan to throw the most exciting party of the year at her parent’s mansion. However, things take a turn and Lauren’s life is about to change forever. When Lauren returns home from school, her parents inform her they're moving south for the year, leaving her all alone.  When Lauren finds out  she won’t be graduating with her class, not unless she passes the two classes she’s already failed; she knows the stakes but she can't shift her focus on studying, not when the entire town is gossiping about Lauren’s handsome new neighbor, a boy she has yet to meet.

Everything blows up in her face when her nerd boyfriend Andre kidnaps her. There’s something different about him - he's different. He has a secret to tell her, a secret he's waited to share with Lauren––alone.

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