Exhibits by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Exhibits by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Lisa Loucks-Christenson Exhibits 2024:

Temple of Eagles permanent exhibit, rotating images, films, books shown in Peacock Books Gem Theatre. 

Winter Bugs Exhibit  and Book

Summer Bugs Exhibit and Book 

Square Eye: 50 Year History of Rochester, Minnesota - Lisa Loucks-Christenson's interviews, photo collection she has shot and filmed over 50 years, press coverage and more. Film and Dinner at opening.

Valentine's Adventures (all the art sold out) the books will be released in 2024, a seven book set about Lisa's Chihuahua who sets out on her own seven day adventure. 

These original stories written and illustrated by Loucks-Christenson feature 32-original traditional watercolor illustrations. Lisa painted other illustrations that will be released in years to come. Art books or story and illustrations are available, along with art cards, matted, framed, or loose art, and merchandise all sold exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art. No e-books will be released due to ongoing thefts of Lisa's work and lack of federal police, international police that, supposedly, claim they investigate and bring to justice people that steal and make illegal copies. 

Stolen works, plagiarized, pirated, interviews:

Lisa's articles (they switched their name in place of hers and claimed her interview)

Eagle Documentary (infringers stole photos from Lisa and removed her caption, copyright notice. They put "By Lisa Loucks Christenson, and wrote a caption that Lisa didn't write, something like, "These poor baby eagles had to live their lives on the branches because their parents didn't know how to build a nest." Lisa didn't write that.

Daniels Charlie giclee print. Only three were made. One for Charlie Daniels, one for the National Eagle Center (it never got framed so it never got delivered and was stolen), and Lisa's copy. 

Lisa's Hallowink Hollow Book 1, pirated. Lisa found it on a pirate site with over 1000 4.6 star reviews. That means over 1000 people downloaded it, and she and her publisher were paid nothing. They also took the liberties of making PDF, MOBI, HTML and other formats of her book, so their readers could get it. 

Lisa's double award-winning 2020 Royal Dragonfly book, one award for Best Illustrations (ebook) and the other for Picture Books 6 and up. Another book with the same title and words, her exact words, "Don't Eat Bees!" with similar illustrations, big nose dog--just like Lisa's, a font just like Lisa's handwritten font and it's even laid out the same way!, Lisa reached out to the Big Five publisher, they threatened to sue her and their previous wins were 100K. They told her to go peddle her "pretty little book," where people would buy that kind of book. Evidently, Lisa found, those people were on Amazon. They purchased her "pretty little book" pushing ALL of the Big Five publishers dog books below hers, for almost an entire month. Lisa has the screenshots to prove this. Then Lisa found that same publishing house stole 10 images, one used twice (on the cover and inside) so 11 times, not only republished her images in multiple editions, in Spanish and English, with North American distribution, which means Lisa buying a copy from China is outside the distribution agreement, but they also didn't pay her for the size of the images they contracted, like paying for a 1/4 page image size but printing it full page, that sort of thing. Lisa's  bought the copies, some with her credits, others without, some with library bindings, some in paperback, some in English others in Spanish. She got paid nothing for these images, she was outright stolen from.

Lisa's established copyright in India, she holds the legal trademark to her Bow Wow Detectives™, formerly a registered trademark, and a theme park started a Detectives Bow Wow show, they still sell their app in the USA and had a hollywood studio create their logo, very similar to Lisa's. It's been a decade long fight, protecting her brands. Again, no police would help. She paid the price, and still does. 

A writer in Wisconsin loved her Bow Wow Detectives® so much, he used it for his award-winning play, branding her trademark to him. What a lucky guy, right? Gets to sponge off all of her advertising, maybe he even shopped at her gallery in Wisconsin. When he was sent a cease and desist letter, he bullied an harassed her, through his trademark attorney at her. The theatre was selling play ticket depriving Loucks-Christenson of all her rights. He changed his name, suddenly. Then went on to smear Loucks-Christenson online.

One day a man appeared in Lisa's studio. He wanted to show her the great eagle pictures he had shot. He ran through a few, then the images started looking very familiar to Loucks-Christenson. They were her images that he'd swiped from her exhibit at the National Eagle Center. He claimed they were his images. The joke was on him when he looked up and saw one of those images hanging above her head in her studio. He was never seen again. Those images have all been stolen. Check with Lisa before you purchase work claiming to be hers.

Last week, someone was going through Loucks-Christenson's website. They were zooming in and taking screenshots off of all of her artwork. So be positive that if you buy Loucks-Christenson's work, it is really her work. Not that anything ever happens to those stealing, they have rights you know. 

Lisa has filed with all agencies, thefts, she stopped registering anything since it all is just money given to the government and for what? To prove she's the original creator, according to the Big Fives, the theme park owner, the Hollywood studios, attorney after attorney, big groups, playwrights, outright pirates: Lisa has no rights to the work she created while fighting sepses twice, while spending four years on oxygen trying to survive and worse. 

There are so many thefts of Lisa's work, she only sells her work exclusive. 
Sometimes that doesn't work either. In her Stockholm galleries, both landlords came in and out as they wanted, one landlord even opened her door to allow customers to shop her store. There's a sales ticket in her handwriting that proves this, money was left on the counter, but how would Loucks-Christenson know? When she went to the sheriff, good old boy club that it was, the dispatcher demanded her social security number before calling a sheriff. 

Don't buy Lisa's work ANYWHERE except the Don't Eat Bees!, Minnesota Fungi, and In Search of Spirit Wolf that are legally listed on Amazon. If you buy her work anywhere else, it's stolen, an illegal copy, or purchased new and sold to you as new, but that's actually used. 


Museum Monday

Blustery Tuesday

Tea Party Wednesday

Thinkable Thursday

Faire Friday

Stowaway Saturday

Shipwreck Sunday

Valley & Allie

Don't Eat Bees



Exhibit: Feather + Fin + Frog Exhibit

Where: Madonna Towers, Rochester, Minnesota 

Date: 8/12/2020 to 8/19/2020

 Photo: © 2020 Melinda Rud

Feather + Fin + Frog is a new exhibit by Lisa Loucks-Christenson on display at Madonna Towers in Rochester, Minnesota. The three piece exhibit is on loan with the hopes of bringing a few smiles to the residents of Madonna Towers, many senior citizens that are isolated from so many adventures during this pandemic. Lisa selected three images for a face to face experience with our area wildlife, God's creation as shown through the portraits Lisa has created.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson, a national award-winning author and photographer based out of Rochester, Minnesota. Lisa specializes in wildlife behavior and life cycles and predator-prey photography. Lisa's work and exhibits are on display in her galleries at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art and Silver Lake Books in Rochester, Minnesota.

Lisa will move the exhibit to Silver Lake Books, 903 6th St NW, Rochester, MN

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