Electronic Photo Traders™ | Carlos | Bow Wow Detectives®

Sold by Silver Lake Books

$ 1.00 

Format: Electronic 2.5 x 3.5 

Title: Carlos

Card: # 13 of 112

Series: Bow Wow Detectives®

Series 1 

Featured Book: Carlos in the Troubles with Baby Raccoons

Photo Traders

We released the Series 1, Bow Wow Detective Photo Traders™ in 2010, under our Bow Wow Detectives™ trademark notice. In 2011, after we received our registered trademark we revised the cards replacing the Bow Wow Detectives™ with our Bow Wow Detectives® notice.  

The Bow Wow Detectives® Photo Traders were sold to visitors at Lisa's galleries in Rochester, Minnesota and Stockholm, Wisconsin, and are currently sold in Book Entree™bookstores, Peacock Books in the Kahler Grand Hotel and Silver Lake Books, Lisa's networked sites and stores as exclusive products.

Coming 2019: Bow Wow Detectives Trading Cards. You may be interested in Bow Wow Detectives® Trading Cards that feature the Bow Wow Detective dogs in each book, printed front and back with details about the book(s) they appear in.

Sold as individual cards, or you may purchase the full set.

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