Hallowink’s Halloween Blizzard, Volume 2

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Book Two

Hallowink Hollow Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson
Lisa's 2018 Inktober Sketches drawn on 3x3 sticky notes from 10/1/2018 through 10/31/2018.

As the Hallowinks are en route to the Hallowinks Halloween Party, a blizzard hits Hallowink Hollow leading V-neck Vulture back in time a month, and on a detour through Cryptid Hideout, home of the legendary cryptids rumored to live there. V-neck's unintended flight plan lands him face to face with the famous legendary creatures.

Will V-neck Vulture be able to escape the monsters of Cryptid Hideout and make it home by Halloween? One things for sure: V-neck has lots of stories of his own to share with the Hallowinks . . . if he can escape this adventure and find an exit and path home from this 31-day-cryptid-hideout-horrorfest!

Here's a link to Lisa's 2017 Hallowink Hollow Inktober Sketches

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson