His Name is Scooter!

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When Scooter the “Pleco” fish is re-homed, the world he loved, along with its park side views are replaced with books, rows and rows of them, in a bookstore.

Scooter's new tank mates, the "glub-glubs", as he calls them, promise him everything in his life will change when he stops living in the past. They follow him everywhere and love to play hide and seek, swimming up and down the glass before disappearing into the sunken ship glass ornament.

One day, while playing fish games, Scooter slips out of the ship and gets the surprise of his life: not only is his former family visiting the bookstore,  the child Scooter loves more than algae tablets, is approaching his tank. 


His Name is Scooter!

Published by Story Antics Personalized Books™

Written and Illustrated by International Award-Winning Author & Illustrator, Lisa Loucks-Christenson

A story, like no other, about a boy and his fish.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's 32 original watercolor paintings create the ambiance and flow of this story. 

Art Prints available for sale at Peacock Books™ and Silver Lake Books, Story Antics®.


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Lisa Loucks-Christenson