Legend of the Ghost Buck, Ghost Cat Adventurer™ by L.L. Christenson

Ghost Cat Adventurer™

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Ghost Cat Adventurer™Outdoor Adventure; Suspenseful Escapes™


                   Ghost Cat Adventurer™© 2022 L.L. Christenson All Rights Reserved




                 Ghost Cat Adventurer™

                        Outdoor Adventures; Suspenseful Escapes™

                                                   Ages 8+


    Written & illustrated by

#1 international bestselling & award-winning author &  illustrator

L.L. Christenson


Coming fall 2022:


Beaver Creek Carcajou

Zumbro River Wolves

Night Bear

Legend of the Ghost Buck






 © 2022 L.L. Christenson All Rights Reserved












© 2022 L.L. Christenson

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