Snowy Creek Serials Presents: The Fortunate Princess Daventry Tales, Book 1, Chapter 2

Snowy Creek Serials Presents:  The Fortunate Princess  Daventry Tales, Book 1, Chapter 2


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Published June 2, 2024 at 23:22 (11:22 P.M.) CDT.

Snowy Creek Serials Presents:

The Fortunate Princess

Daventry Tales, Book 1, Chapter 2

Falling for Landrake the Angel was her first royal mistake...

By Lord Kendal Terryington

Prepare yourself for an enchanting journey as I tell you a fictional story centered on the forbidden love shared between Lillian, a princess, and Landrake, an angel.


Chapter 2


The tranquility of the Moss Forest was shattered by the deafening echo of a single gunshot. Luinn, unsure of whether it was the knights or someone fox hunting, gestured for Landrake and Lillian to enter his mountain home. He referred to his abode as “Chadenberry.”

As they stepped into the room, a sense of determination filled their minds. They found their places at the walnut table, its hand-carved surface cool to the touch. A tear slipped from Luinn’s eye as his fingertips grazed the delicate carvings, each groove and curve serving as a bittersweet reminder of his beloved grandfather’s wisdom and the void left in his absence.

Landrake delicately arranged the torn pieces on the table and proceeded to painstakingly assemble the puzzle, with the faint sound of paper edges locking together lending an air of solemnity to the room. While Landrake carefully laid the pieces, Luinn and Lillian worked together to create a sticky adhesive by mixing water and flour in a small bowl. With gentle strokes, she spread the flour glue over the pieces that fit together, filling the air with a damp scent. Now, they would have to exercise patience and wait for the glue to dry, their minds clouded with a heavy sadness that weighed on their shoulders and dampened their spirits.

Like a cold dish, justice arrived, leaving them with a bitter taste as they uncovered the truth. Luinn whispered that this seemed like a trap by a secretive observer who enjoyed manipulating Landrake and Lillian’s emotions, reveling in their scandalous affair while staying hidden.

With his unique sixth sense, Luinn felt an eerie presence lurking in the spot where Aroff and Lillian first kissed. Lillian and Landrake were in the same place, unchaperoned, and unfortunately, there was someone there with the sole purpose of ruining her. Though her brother wasn’t present, an unsettling aura of pure evil seemed to fill the air, as if an unseen entity was covertly monitoring their every move. But for what reason?

With his thoughts concealed, he wondered if their sole purpose was to evade capture and travel under the cover of morning light just to reach him. In all honesty, with no other guidance, there was nowhere else they could possibly go.

Who was this elusive figure? Was he a member of the royal family, or did he have a personal connection with them? Was he someone who had his own motives and interests in Lillian? His sister’s impending marriage to the King’s son Aroff felt like a familiar story. He questioned whether he or one of his henchmen had learned about Lillian’s love for Landrake.

Why then was the contract for her death handed to Landrake? Why had been given explicit orders to eliminate Lillian, only showing that someone had discovered their secret, and this was an ultimate way of insulting him, burying his heart with Lillian’s? What kind of man would do this?


Landrake’s conscience was burdened by guilt as he realized that he had not been correctly identified. The weight of the scoundrel’s betrayal pressed heavily on his heart, knowing that his forbidden lover’s life was now in jeopardy, their once bright future dimmed by a contract that would crush their hopes.

Landrake’s train of thought came to an abrupt halt as he heard Lillian’s sudden and desperate plea escape her lips. “I cannot help but wish for any other outcome than the inevitable unfortunate accident that lies ahead,” she said.

Luinn’s hand grasped his sister’s shoulder with desperation as he stood up. His voice caught in his throat, his eyes filled with desperation as he desperately tried to find color in the fading words of his twin sister.

With a heaviness in his eyes, he uttered words, only to be cut off by Lillian’s resolute interruption, her face a mask of stoic determination. Lillian paused, her eyes pleading as she looked at her twin brother. “You’ve always been my rock, my genius twin. I’m desperate. Can you think of any strategy to rescue me? “

Please, Luinn, forgive me for falling in love with your sister. “I have no right to make this promise, but if there is any way to save her, you will be rewarded in heaven, if I make it back there myself.” Landrake pleaded, his voice trite, as he hung to the last thread of hope.

“Tell me brother, my twin genius, as you’ve always been there for me,” Lillian paused, “I’m desperate. Is there any strategy that can come up with to rescue me? Can you bring hope to my weary soul?”

With his lips parted, he started to speak, however, Lillian interrupted them and said, with a straight, brave face, “Brother, I strongly believe that my dear younger sister Fern, who is years younger than me, may very well be crowned the next Princess of Daventry, once I am no longer alive. Is there any way that you can rescue me from this situation?”


Gifted Reader,

In his pursuit of love and connection with Lillian, Landrake, unknowingly unraveled their fated destiny, unleashing God’s fury. Now, their once-promising future hangs in the balance, with their love becoming the ultimate sacrifice.

The consequences of Landrake’s fall and betrayal of his promises to God loom ahead—what price will he pay?

Perhaps this situation is not a mere coincidence, but a deliberate intervention by a higher force, employing the threat of death to motivate them to seek forgiveness.

Is it possible that the angel and the princess-to-be unleashed their truer destined paths, a journey that could only be brought out by their indiscretions and desires?

However, it works to reunite them, but it’s equally possible, more than likely that this crumpled piecework glued note will only evoke the bittersweet memories of their impeding lost connection, forever, and while their hearts may even burst. It’s obvious, dear reader, that their eyes are on the verge of tears, they are obviously determined to keep holding back for I’ve not even seen any more shed. ––Lord Kendal Terryington.


As another shot rang out, fear grew, giving Lillian a moment to pray and ask for redemption. At least for this unnerving chapter in her young life, Lillian pleaded to God, her eyes darting around for any sign of hope.

“Oh, Heavenly Father,” Lillian pleaded, her voice raspy and desperate, “please, I beg for your forgiveness for the sins of passion that have consumed my soul, leaving me hollow and desperate for redemption.”

Landrake rushed to her side, his arms wrapping around her desperately, as if clinging to her for dear life, seeking salvation from his own despair. “In desperation, I plead for your forgiveness, Father, unsure if your kind heart will allow me passage from this earthly realm to the heavens, my soul tormented by the fear of an everlasting separation from those I hold dear.””

Lillian sobbed, tears streaming down her face as she clutched onto her faith. “My Lord, I comprehend your jealousy, but I plead with you to reconsider your command, for it fills me with desperation to think of your angel being deprived of emotional connections.”

Just as Lillian finished speaking, a sparrow, of all species, collided with the living room window, startling everyone.

As Lillian faced her own mortality, she questioned the symbolism of the temporarily lifeless sparrow: was it a forewarning or a heavenly favor?


Find out in the upcoming third installment of Lord Kendal Terryington’s original story, titled The Fortunate Princess, readers will have the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Daventry Tales. This highly anticipated publication is scheduled for release on June 16, 2024, and can be only found here in the  Rochester Sun Times News, courtesy of the esteemed publisher, Snowy Creek Serials™.



“This story unfurls like a chilling nightmare, its suspenseful twists and turns, sending shivers down the reader’s spine, leaving them dreading what comes next.”––Mary Bronner, Reader.


                               Snowy Creek Serials™ is a brand owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, publisher of Old County Cross Christian Publishing Group., 

Printed by permission. © 2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson. All Rights Reserved.


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