Story Preview Edition Dale Bernard In The New Year's Eve Octopus Bank Heist

Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing

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Bow Wow Detectives Agency Presents:

Story Preview Edition

Dale Bernard In The New Year's Eve Octopus Bank Heist
Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Chrsitenson

The Tower Ravens of Edom caused a stir when they made an unprecedented move to incorporate Dale Bernard, an incredibly gifted German Shepherd, into their esteemed ranks of the IK9ID (International K9 Intelligence Division™) within the renowned Bow Wow Detectives Agency.

In a whirlwind of events, Dale finds himself thrust into his very first assignment: the Bartels Bank New Year's Eve: End of the Century Costume Ball, a high-stakes event where he must prove his worth.

In the thrilling pursuit against time, Dale Bernard's mastery in capturing crawdaddies will serve as a crucial asset. Employing these creatures ingeniously, he will outsmart Daddy-Long-Legs, the mesmerized octopus, and ultimately bring the bank robbers to justice.

Dale Bernard found himself in a situation that crackled with tension and anticipation, as he prepared to face a daunting and intricate task. This challenge encompassed the intricate task of locating a missing octopus, delving into the mysterious disappearance of stolen money from a highly secure vault, and collaborating with the police in capturing the criminals. With a little help from above, he hoped to achieve these ambitious objectives.

The Night of the New Year's Eve Bank Heist will be a legendary event in Bartels, Minnesota's history, ensuring its place as an unforgettable tale for future generations and beyond.


The ebook hit number one and became a best-seller on Amazon. The book is sold exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art. The store keeps one reference sales info on hand for ordering. 

Formerly a number one best-seller on Amazon,  in both the English and Spanish languages,  this series, once sold worldwide, beginning in 2024, is sold in the USA exclusively due to copyright infringement and Lisa's (then) federally registered trademark willfully infringed upon, her characters outright stolen, and more. Lisa is the owner of the Bow Wow Detectives™ that has been in use in commerce since 2009, previously, going back to 2005 when she was inspired to write this series.

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