2007 Floods of Winona County, Minnesota

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Where Eaglets Sleep: 2007 Floods of Winona County

A Lisa Loucks-Christenson Documentary
Lisa Loucks-Christenson's coverage of the 2007 floods in Winona County, Minnesota.

This documentary covers the scenes and stories Lisa recorded in 2007, during the third year on her, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™.

Deep inside the historic importance of this documentary on these flash floods stirs a message of faith, hope, love, resilience, survival, trust, a community coming together--stronger for the storms; and the journey of the eaglets as they matured into eagles and rose above it all.

WHERE EAGLETS SLEEP includes Lisa's interviews, scenes she captured through the March 2007 and the August 2007 floods, and Lisa's coverage in: Altura, Beaver, Elba, and the Whitewater Management Area (WMA), and beyond.

Lisa's photos and digital film coverage aired on Lisa's radio show website, Plainview News, KTTC television news. Lisa's never before seen images are included in her forthcoming books: 2007, YEAR THREE DANCER & DAEDEE: CALLING ALL SCRIBES and STRUGGLING FOR EXISTENCE: 15 Years in the Whitewater Valley and Beyond.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson