Comic: Chipper the Bees Finds a New Home

Bow Wow Detectives® and Story Antics®

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Episode 3
A New Home for Chipper the Bee

Dale the bee-eating German Shepherd and his best friend Ibby the bee are preparing the bird houses for spring nesting they uncover Chipper, a honey bee asleep inside. 

When Dale the German Shepherd and his bee-friend, Ibby, take a morning walk in the woods they discover a lost opossum ––who isn't playing dead––but is lost.

From the Bow Wow Detectives® and Story Antics® presents: Don't Eat Bees! Adventure Comic™
Lisa Loucks-Christenson's #1 New Release In Children's Dog Books and Double 2020 Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner Based on Lisa's photos, illustration, scrapbook and best-selling book, Don't Eat Bees! This adventure comic takes the reader along on Dale and his friends adventures.

From the official book: Don't Eat Bees! Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd hits bee-gold when he unwittingly snatches up a tasty queen
! The queen's sister (a retired queen bee, herself) offers Dale the deal of a lifetime and beyond––if he’ll free her sister. Dale accepts the deal, but can the foolhardy dog give up his bee-eating and chasing habits, forever, 
and keep his heavenly reward?

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