Award-Winning Books & Stories

Award-Winning Books & Stories

Here is a partial list of Lisa Loucks-Christenson's number one and/or international bestselling international award-winning stories, Story Preview Editions, books and ebooks:

The Model Maker

A Gift of Time

Carousel Riders

Walk The Burn: Beauty & True Crime

Don't Eat Bees! | Bow Wow Detectives | 2020 Blue Dragonfly Award Best Illustrations and also an Honorable Mention (ebook categories)

Winter Bugs! | Lisa Loucks-Christenson Documentary

Narrow Paths | Writer's Digest Writing Competition

Wolf Eyes | Wolves of Whitewater Falls

In Search of Spirit Wolf |  Wolves of Whitewater Falls

Saliva Smirk's Summer Camp for Dogs! | Bow Wow Detectives®

Harley Hippo & the Crane Game Story Preview 

Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek | Finalist in Harlequin® Love Inspired® Suspense Search for the Killer Voice

Red Brick, Blue Brick: Shadow in the Law of Reflection | Earn the Badge

Dale Bernard in the New Year's Eve Octopus Bank Heist Story Preview Edition | Spanish | Bow Wow Detectives®

Dale Bernard in the New Year's Eve Octopus Bank Heist, Story Preview Edition | English | Bow Wow Detectives®

 Lisa Loucks-Christenson is a hybrid author, published by Big 5 publishers (writing, photos, and other work) and published through Loucks Studios, Inc. imprints, films, art gallery, and studios, and her Lisa Loucks-Christenson Publishing, LLC. Lisa is between literary agents and was formerly represented by an agent who has since retired. Agents interested in representing Lisa can send a letter of interest, specifically sharing the genres they represent.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson