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Lisa Loucks Christenson's Inktober 2017 Sketches 


Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party

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A collection of Lisa's Inktober 2017 Sketches drawn on 3x3 sticky notes.
It's Halloween and the Hallowink Hollow friends are gathering together for a their annual Halloween celebration. Soon the "Hallowinks" (characters of the story) discover the best part of their journey is the stories they share with their new friends they meet along the way, all en route to the annual Halloween party.

Note: During the month of October 2017, while creating a different sketch each day an idea formed for a children's book after Little Buck Usagi, a wild rabbit LIsa had raised and released, returned to her yard inspiring her to create Hallowink Hollow. Properly acknowledged, Lisa gave her wild rabbit his lead role as the rabbit character. All of the characters, woodland and barnyard friends, are what the authors calls "Hallowinks" who live in Hallowink Hollow.

In this first story: The Hallowinks are en route to the annual Halloween Hollow Halloween Party. As they travel through the woods and fields, along the well-travelled paths of Hallowink Hollow, they meet new friends of all sizes and species. The Hallowinks encourage them to join them, come along to the Halloween party. In the end, the Hallowinks find the best part of their journey is best shared among friends of all kinds and all species.

Author Note: This is original art, (as mentioned) are original sketches drawn on sticky notes with a ink pen that ran its full course through the month so the last couple illustrations are with a thicker tip back up pen. The illustrations are rough, but they are the birth and beginning sketches of a children's book, one that Lisa hopes to re-illustrate in full color in the future. This is the truth birth of a story. How the Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party led the author from its beginning and ending to the path she found through her real rabbit, Little Buck Usagi, who led her to the Hallowinks and to a new Christmas story, The Hallowinks Hollow Christmas Blizzard.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson