12/14/2023: Lisa and her comic gang shares: "Comically, Yours. Happy Holidays!"

12/14/2023: Lisa and her comic gang shares: "Comically, Yours. Happy Holidays!"



 12/14/2023: Lisa and her comic gang shares: “Comically, Yours. Happy Holidays!”

This illustration is from Lisa Loucks-Christenson's book series, Happy Hibernation, Book 18, Courtly Cottontails™. In this comic, #18-21, Lisa's original characters from Courtly Cottontails Chex and Barry team up with her other best-selling, original, award-winning, and syndicated comic characters.

 Courtly Cottontails™ - 18 books, syndicated                                                                                                   Toads of Telemark™  - 2 books, syndicated                                                                                               Hallowink Hollow™ - 11 books                                                                                                                        The Adventures of Valley & Allie™  - 2 books, (environmental and wildlife concerns)                                   Valentine’s Adventures™  -  7 books                                                                                                       Don’t Eat Bees!™  -  8 books in two lines, comic, cartoon, song, and more.

Lisa’s original books, art, cards, clothing, loose and framed art, and decor merchandise are sold exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art located in the ballroom of the Odd Fellows Building, downtown Rochester, Minnesota (skyway). Any books Lisa listed on Amazon became bestsellers and were later moved into exclusive products at Peacock Books. Some ebooks remain on their site. Don’t Eat Bees!, Minnesota Fungi, and In Search of Spirit Wolf

Of the eleven Hallowink Hollow comic series, (5 of the 11 books were published on Amazon, all hitting best--seller status in multiple categories. The other books, along with the first five, are now sold exclusively at Lisa’s retail store, along with the art.

Allie the Starling is featured in at least four of Lisa’s comic series and is the star of her own documentary. Valentine the Chihuahua appears in several of Lisa’s books and comics. The Toads of Telemark characters Jasper Traine and Jessica Duke, are in other books too.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s 2024 Exhibits include art from the above comics, her children’s books, and wildlife documentaries.

Peacock Books’ Gem Theatre will feature Lisa’s wildlife documentary 2800-3800 episodes for her Temple of Eagles™, animations, films, and cartoons, exclusively.


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