Author Interview with Lisa Loucks Christenson

Author Interview with Lisa Loucks Christenson

Author Interview with Lisa Loucks Christenson

Annie sets off to search for Spirit Wolf, her only true, silent friend––ever cemented to her soul. Annie soon discovers things that don’t change, or in her case––a stationary wolf statue, can never truly be free…but if she’ll open her heart, God can use her situation, her brokenness and pain for connecting unreachable hearts—that have lost their way, and He can use her scars to open those who condemn and accuse her and heal their wounds so they can love again, too—maybe even her.



Will Annie find love again? To share Annie’s journey through the pages of ‘In Search of Spirit Wolf’, I’ve been joined by author Lisa Loucks Christenson. Lisa, let’s start our journey today at the genesis of spirit wolf, how did this tale come to life?

Annie is the protagonist, or one of them, throughout the series. I usually start with her involved in something she finds suspicious, a death, or someone doing something shouldn’t be doing. Annie is an outdoor photographer and journalist who struggles with life, relationships, and finds a connection with the Wolves of Whitewater Falls, a small town and a host of angels.



Were any of these trouble-filled incidents that you’ve thrown to Annie inspired from your own life?

The final moments with my grandfather, my grandmother dying, and more. It was a time in my life where I found the depths of inhumane cruelty and pain, mixed with deaths, and more deaths, a time when God let me know He was there and cared.



Did you find the cast of characters in this book came intertwined with these events in your life?           

Annie and most of the cast were already created but the rest came through nurses, doctors, harassment, thefts, anonymous threat letters, and bullying.



Those topics are all very emotionally charged, possibly with significant side effects. What was the principal idea that you hope readers take from these emotional events?

We all have guardian angels, human help – no matter what path we are on.



Where were you personally rewarded from the path of this novel?

I wrote it during NaNoWriMo, during a difficult time in my life so finding a story and being able to keep to the task in finishing it was my reward. 

What did you learn by working through your difficulties through fiction?

Don’t quit your story, no matter how difficult. Give it your voice and let it make you stronger.


I hope you’ve continued to build your strength through your writing. Tell us where you’ve been flexing your writing muscles recently?

I use November for NaNoWriMo for penning my Wolves of Whitewater Falls series. These are Christian supernatural suspense thrillers. For my 2017 project, I’m attempting to write two different series. One is a new series, a Christian Suspense set in the blufflands of southeast Minnesota (Lauren Ridge of Birchmare Ranch), and I’m writing Turn-Again Creek Beauty Pageant, Book 8, Wolves of Whitewater Falls with a goal of 75,000 words.

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Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘In Search of Spirit Wolf ( ASIN: B0774MB15J )‘.

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