From Lisa Loucks-Christenson Photo Archive

From Lisa Loucks-Christenson Photo Archive

September 19, 2020,

Today while going through images, I found old images of the '57 Thunderbird  I shot in Stockholm, Wisconsin, years before I rented my first gallery in this small village that stood directly across the street from where I took this image, and met one of my best friends in my lifetime, a friend who now lives in Foley, Alabama.

It was the same image I use to carve a Pine Wood Derby car, and I made a tiny sticker license plate to complete my model, broke apart a pair of leather sun glasses for a windshield, and my car looked just like this picture. one that went on to win the competition, knocking out the undefeated director of the derby, who'd never lost a race in 40 years, until my little pink Thunderbird that could. One that beat him three times, and then he retired and I retired my Thunderbird, The Little Thunderbird that Could. Someday I'll add that photo to my blog. 

For now, here is one of my favorite pictures of any vehicle, as published in Travelworld magazine in the fall of 2002. 

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