February 15, 2024, New Book Announced: MINNESOTA FUNGI: BLUE LICHENS By Lisa Loucks-Christenson


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February 15, 2024, New Book Announced: MINNESOTA FUNGI: BLUE LICHENS By Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Minnesota Fungi: Blue Lichens, Volume 2, will release March 2024.

This is a collection of fungi, molds, lichens I've photographed in Minnesota, and illustrated for this second volume. This book features my illustrations of blue lichens––a research project I'm working on.

My first volume, Minnesota Fungi  released on Amazon on March 1, 2023, and quickly became a best-selling book.

The loose art, photos (in time, not now), books, merchandise are sold exclusively (when available) at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art in Rochester, Minnesota.

Price, cover, other details coming soon.

Here is a link to Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Minnesota Fungi, Volume One:


Minnesota Fungi by Lisa Loucks-Christenson


Minnesota Fungi is a unique collection of fungi found in Minnesota, written and illustrated by award-winning author Lisa Loucks-Christenson. The book features molds, predator, psychedelic, healing, edible and poisonous varieties of mushrooms.

This work was inspired by a 28-day art challenge titled “Funguary." The author created one drawing per day through the month of February 2023 to create these illustrations. This is an art book with illustrations.

The artwork from Volume One can be purchased in multiple forms including loose art prints, Art Traders™, art cards, hardcover, ebook and other merchandise for sale at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art located in Rochester Minnesota. Each piece of artwork is illustrated with great detail to capture each species accurately from the authors' photos.


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