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January 10, 2024 4:30 AM CST

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Rochester, Minnesota (Rochester Sun Times News™) ––Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, unveiled her expanded ventures in her new space, a building with its own history. Loucks-Christenson transferred her under 1000 square foot bookstore to the ballroom suite of the Odd Fellows Building. She expanded the business by including her husband’s fudge, two clothing lines she owns, and jewelry and gifts from Savvy, a Stockholm, Wisconsin boutique she purchased in 2022. Loucks-Christenson had a gallery in Stockholm for several years before moving all of her operations back to Rochester.

In another suite by the bookstore, she’s opened her animation studio, Carpie Animation Studios. She is in the process of creating a new religious clay animation series for families, inspired by Davey and Goliath, by incorporating her own film footage, photos, clay, and stop motion techniques that she has previously employed in other animations.

This new series (name withheld) is an original series combining family life and pets, her love of the outdoors and wildlife, and her own faith. The episodes feature new stories she’s writing, and viewers will meet her award-winning characters from her other books in cameo appearances. Loucks-Christenson wanted to share her love for Jesus, and how God has helped her in her own life. She desires to offer others the chance to witness the beauty of faith. Like rays of hope, her animations depict moments of joy that overcome the darkness and clouds in our lives.



Despite numerous health challenges, including surviving sepsis twice, her husband’s cancer, setbacks, Covid, downtown traffic loss, building sales, and unexpected mold exposure, she held onto her unshakeable faith and trust in Jesus. Despite her belief in God being tested by challenging experiences, Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s Peacock Books & Wildlife Art opened on December 1, 2023, in a new location off the skyway. For the first time in years, her husband had the honor of unlocking the doors to a new future and suite that had previously housed an architectural firm in the second story of the Odd Fellows Building. Finally, the public can shop in a large new and used bookstore downtown that sells thousands of books from global publishers, including her own personalized children’s books and award-winning titles.

“I’ve waited decades for a space big enough to present the work I always have felt God has put on my heart to help others,” said Loucks-Christenson.

The store has consistently carried new releases, exclusive ebooks from her publishing house, collectible signed books, vintage books, and used books from other publishers. At this new destination, you have the option to purchase her husband’s fudge line (as showcased on QVC Television) that includes dozens of flavors made on a daily basis.

Loucks-Christenson said, “When my husband went through cancer, it shut him down in ways that I knew were on me to find a way to get him flying again. When you see my TEMPLE OF EAGLES exhibit, opening in 2024, know that the eagles I captured images of — sometimes soaring through their own storms — as I documented their daily life for over 14 years, has a purpose not only for my husband, but others too. Eagles represent hope and are often referred to as “messengers of heaven,” a pastor once told me that the eagles are mentioned at least 28 times in the bible."

Using a search feature on, there actually is a King James Version bible verse, one that has found wings that lift, but not, apparently, on their own, into the title of one of Loucks-Christenson’s upcoming books, 2010, Year Six Dancer and Daedee: ‘... I Have Lifted You On Eagles Wings And Brought You To Me.' Exodus19:4.”

Loucks-Christenson’s documentary spanned over 14 years, with over 3500 original days of coverage on her 13-mile outdoor beat that she’s making into episodes for her own original film collection called, The Lady of Whitewater series.

Among the many monikers she received, which changed for each of her documentaries, like “The Bug Lady” (during Winter Bugs!), “The Eagle Lady,” on her eagle project, and a hurtful one, “Town Joke” that spread as rumors do, as she delved into reporting and investigating wildlife crimes and incidents involving her own safety.

Loucks-Christenson recollects being called The Bug Lady and The Eagle Lady by the late Dick Schaber and his wife Linda, along with other individuals she visited while filming her documentary, but they now identify her as The Lady of Whitewater, which also serves as the title of her original series.

” When another company shut its doors a few weeks ago, I bought their candy case for my husband. Even the LED lights couldn’t illuminate the internal joy I witnessed. He has a candy counter now. Seeing his dream come true, rising above pain and setbacks, and soaring towards a new future fills me with pure joy—just like the eagles he witnessed when he accompanied me in the field,” said Loucks-Christenson.

“His journey has given hope to countless men facing the same battle,” said Loucks-Christenson.

Loucks-Christenson added, “We are a husband and wife team. We made an 80-year commitment to each other, of which we’ve already spent 33 years of it together, but we’re more than just a married couple who have faced challenges - we’re not only booksellers. Through prayer and our best efforts, we strive to offer hope to our customers.”

Lisa Loucks-Christenson has acquired more space to accommodate her offices and Carpie Animation Studios, where she is currently producing an undisclosed animation film involving clay, film, photo, and illustrations. In downtown Rochester, Minnesota. Loucks-Christenson is the first woman-owned animation studio in downtown Rochester, Minnesota. She funded it through her work and years of creating documentaries, and profits from her original art, cards, and books she sells in her store.

Exclusive screenings of Lisa Loucks-Christenson Films™ documentaries, her Square Eye: 50 Year History of Rochester History Book, and other films are scheduled to start at Peacock Books’ Gem Theatre in 2024.

Loucks-Christenson added a news desk for customers that want to support her self-funded, Rochester Sun Times News, an online news source, with printed versions coming in 2024. RSTN is her platform and extension of her storytelling and photography, covering human interest, local news, her syndicated comics, watchdog journalism, and exclusive interviews with her worldwide customers’ stories that walk through her doors. She hopes you’ll support her local ad-free journalism. She welcomes your story ideas, press releases, news and information, visits to the Rochester Sun Times News Desk inside Peacock Books.


When Lisa has free time, she dedicates it to studying her interests like the bible, art, writing, technology, criminal justice, wildlife, and the environment.

Peacock Books, Suite 203, can be reached by following the Skyways from Mayo Clinic and Breckenridge or going to the second floor from the street level. Their operating hours are Monday through Friday, and select Saturday’s, opening as early as 9AM but no later than 10AM, and closing at 5PM or later, depending on traffic. Their location is in the Historical Odd Fellows Building on the corner of 2nd Street and 1st Avenue SW.

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, 23 2nd St. SW, Suite 203, Rochester, MN 55902. They can be reached at (888) 983-3085.



Photo: Lisa Locks-Christenson’s Peacock Books and Her Original Characters from her comics, some syndicated, others sold exclusively at Peacock Books. © 2023 Lisa Loucks-Chriistenson.



Photo: © 2008 David Christenson. Charlie Daniels was presented with a portrait of an eagle named "Daniels Charlie" by Lisa Loucks-Christenson in recognition of his accomplishments.

© 2021-2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson Shipwreck Sunday! Book 2, Valentine’s Adventures published by Story Antics® and the Bow Wow Detectives™ is one of dozens of personalized books, many written and illustrated by Loucks-Christenson for this personalized book line. Valentine’s Adventures is also an exhibit for 2024.

The City of Hope Apparel Co. Rochester, Minnesota, is one of the inspirational clothing lines Loucks-Christenson added to Peacock Books & Wildlife Art.


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