#S15-17 Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

#S15-17 Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails by Lisa Loucks-Christenson


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©2021 Lisa Loucks-Christenson All Rights Reserved.  Illustration S15-17 Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails. 

Completing the 10/22/2021 illustration puts me at #17 in the 15th comic book of my Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails. This book is aptly named, Meteor Showers. It's a story about destruction and recovery.

When a meteor shower hits, it destroys the Courtly Cottontails warren and the dens and abodes of their woodland friends. Every one discovers that when they work together to rebuild their homes, an unexpected rains gives them the chance to remember that shortest dance in life, is sometimes, the best taste of what is ahead.

Maybe you've felt the presence of rain, or even enjoyed the fresh taste of it after a storm in your life. If so, maybe this illustration will make you smile, be thankful for the small drops of rain when we are thirsty for better days ahead. 

If you want to license any of Lisa's comics: www.Syndicate.LisaLoucksChristenson.com or email: Lisa@LisaLC.com

This comic is available as an art card, comic, or finished book (not quite yet, but when it's finished).

S15-17 Caption: "I love the taste of rain!"


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