Pilot & Ranger in Long Flight Home

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#1 Bestselling and Award-winning Author, Photographer and Illustrator


Prepare to fall in love with Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s original Pilot & Ranger book series featuring her unforgettable flying squirrels, Pilot, Ranger and Rusty. 

Written and illustrated using watercolor, Lisa Loucks-Christenson captures the innocence of their personalities and wisdom that age and adventure bring, one episode at a time.

This series is written for ages 7 and up. Lots of adults read Lisa’s stories too.

The books will launch exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, where you can purchase exclusive clothing, backpacks, hats, puzzles, and more. An animation is in progress featuring the tumbling, rumbling, and flying siblings always in search of their next discovery.  

Book 1: A Tree Above Danger

After their parents leave, two flying squirrel brothers, Pilot and Ranger, set off to investigate new adventures beyond their nest tree, but can they make it home before dark?

Book 2: A Long Flight Home

When a controlled burn rages out of control, it destroys thousands of acres of woods and Pilot & Ranger’s nest tree. While putting out the fire, a fireman discovers the frightened flying squirrel siblings peering out of their nest tree and takes them to a wildlife rescue. Even for flying squirrels, it’ll be a long flight home.

Book 3: Rusty’s Rescue

Just when life was beginning to feel normal to the brother flying squirrels, Pilot and Ranger, an unexpected reunion with someone from their past changes everything they had believed about loosing every one and everything in a fire.





Lisa Loucks-Christenson