Toads of Telemark™ comic defends their creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson from her award-winning book Don't Eat Bees from infringing Big 5 Publisher

Toads of Telemark™ comic defends their creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson from her award-winning book Don't Eat Bees from infringing Big 5 Publisher

Randomhouse/Doubleday: Go get your own ideas. Stop stealing my award-winning book name in my book series, Don't Eat Bees!™ published by Bow Wow Detectives®, Story Antics® and Story Antics Personalized Books™ for the personalized versions of this title where customers use one of Lisa's dog names (if she has a match for your dog's name) and places your dog in her book as the star.

An animation is in progress, and audio book is in progress, and art, art cards, Photo Trader cards along with other merchandise, and exhibit are for sale and viewing at Lisa Loucks-Christenson stores.

Lisa is removing all RandomHouse titles, from all of their imprints this week stating she won't be housed with their den of thieves. This is the Lord's businesses, and I'm casting out the bad players. I refuse to waste another minute on air interviewing their authors, reviewing their books, or giving any shelf space in three locations to this publisher because it's not coincidence that an author, an illustrator, a literary agent, a team of editors, sales and marketing, or the publisher didn't take time to notice that this is a brand, one they don't own, can't just copy and steal, infringing on the trade dress, causing extra unwanted traffic to Lisa's web servers (she has to pay for that), the unwanted calls telling her operators that they can make Don't Eat Bees! a number one best-seller. 

When Lisa's book is already a number one best-seller, a double 2020 Royal Dragonfly award-winner, it's obvious the caller is looking for the less popular copy-cat book title and inside illustration.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson found a book, titled Don't Eat Bees! on Amazon, using a similar font, same inside page with a dog and bee (her book has two bees) and the words, like Lisa's "don't eat bees".

Lisa send the Big 5 publisher a cease and desist on 11/29/2021 to take down their book, remove the infringing illustration inside. Twice is not a coincidence. Lisa is prepared to bring a lawsuit against the publisher if they do not remove their book.


Toads of Telemark™

Creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson

The Toads of Telemark are trying to help their creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson find answers to the Big 5 Publisher infringing on her book, Don't Eat Bees! On 11/29/2021 Lisa sent them a cease and desist to take their book down with the same title (part of her book series under her federally trademarked name Bow Wow Detectives®).

The Toads of Telemark, Jasper Traine (left) and Jessica Duke search for answers. They talk about how the Bible says they should not sue. As Christians, they know to give the offender their tunic as well. They can't seem to decide what is right when they hear a buzzing approach, they find it's "Ibby" the bee from Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Don't Eat Bees! the official and original story.

His timing is perfect as he flies to them and speaks "...Vengeance is mine..." Romans 12:19 King James Version (KJV)

The full verse Romans 12:19 King James Version: Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." 

"Lord, I've given place, I trust you. Amen" 

Don't Eat Bees!

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