Squirrelly Boys Acapella Group

Squirrelly Boys Acapella Group

Season of the Flying Squirrels, Book 1, Squirrelly Boys Acapella Group

Written & Illustrated by L.L. Christenson

Ages 7 and older

Publisher: Fly Up Books™

Pre-order: $14 paperback

Summer 2024

Prepare to meet the Squirrelly Acapella Group, as they go head-to-head against Aspen and the Sugar Gliders Band, in a thrilling contest that highlights summer squirrel wildlife programs, a sanctuary for sugar gliders, and an ultimate winner-takes-all showdown that spans throughout the night.

Fly Up Books, a publishing imprint by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, focuses on providing clean stories with happy endings that grow with their readers.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson